We are still a startup company and used to take 3D related projects from other Studios and Industries along with a few online gigs. We decided to start working on our very first game “Death Realm” in November 2019.


Death Realm is going to be a Souls-Like RPG and Semi-Open world. Although, we are highly inspired by the “Bloodborne” playstyle for our core gameplay design (such as the weapons the player can weild, movement, dodging). We want the game to be difficult, but always make sure the main player has the advantage over any enemy they are facing without adding any sort of “stat level-up” system. The player’s base power will be the same throughout the game, they will have access to new sets of armor and weapons but it won’t heavily change the player’s power but mostly change the moveset and the playstyle. (Such as equipping light armor will mean the player can move around fast, dodge fast, faster stamina recovery, swing weapons faster but will take more damage compared to the armor they had before, as an example.).

We plan on making the game “skill-based”, where the only reason why the player dies is due to their lack of strategic and game knowledge, The mobs, bosses and environmental traps will always be fair to fight against.

Death Realm is an Action - Adventure RPG, Which takes place in a Gothic, Dark Fantasy universe.

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